Pre-valuate Assessments
The Pre-valuate assessments allows you to measure a variety of skills to determine the best candidates for your business, whether you are hiring, promoting, or training.
  • Hiring: Did you know that hiring the wrong person can cost you as much as three times their annual salary? Make sure you hire the candidate best qualified for the job; skill-assessment is an indispensable step in the hiring proccess. Pre-valuate allows you to quickly and accurately measure a candidate's knowledge and ability on a variety of task-based skills.
  • Promoting: Looking at advancement? Who can tackle the demands that this promotion requires? With Pre-valuate, you can be sure that your most talented employees are ready to take on the considerable demands that upward mobility entails. Have the utmost confidence in your promotion decisions since Pre-valuate can assess employee skill levels in accordance with on-the-job demands. Your most qualified employees can demonstrate their knowledge in a wide array of areas including administrative, legal, medical, accounting, etc., and can prove they deserve that promotion and are qualified for high priority or key assignments.
  • Training: Trying to direct an employee to the appropriate training program? Would you like to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program already in place? The Pre·valuate testing system is an essential tool for training-needs analysis. After employees complete a pre-training test, employers will identify their strengths and weaknesses to better fit them with a training outline that will instruct them in the areas that need improvement. Upon completion of the assigned training, a post-test will illustrate the effectiveness of the instruction by displaying the increase in scores and skill set. Our clients have seen a measurable Return On Investment, averaging a 28% increase in savings, which adds to the company's bottom-line earnings. Candidates enjoy increased responsibility and productivity, along with an average increase of 55% in their scores.

Prevue Assessments 
The Prevue Assessments were designed and developed in the early 1990s under the direction of Prof. David Bartram and Dr Patricia Lindley. Bartram and Lindley are world leaders in the development of psychometric testing. Psychometrics is the branch of psychology concerned with the design, administration and interpretation of quantitative tests or assessments to measure variables such as intelligence, aptitude and personality traits.
Companies who use Prevue Assessments as part of their hiring process receive the following benefits:
  • Added structure to the hiring process: Many companies have no hiring process. They leave much of what occurs up to the discretion of the hiring managers. Implementing Prevue Assessments as part of the hiring process establishes a proven structure for evaluating applicants.
  • Targeted Interviewing: By testing and comparing an applicant against a job fit benchmark companies are provided with interview questions that focus on areas off the benchmark. This keeps the interview focussed on whether the applicant is suited for the role.
  • Increased Hiring Success Rate: Companies who use Job fit testing experience a 25 - 75% increase in hiring success.
  • Reduction in Employee Turnover: A common expression is that "People are hired on skill but quit or are fired because of bad fit". Integrating Job Fit testing will ensure that the applicants with the best job fit are hired and therefore result in a reduction of employee turnover.
  • Increased Employee Productivity: Hiring applicants with the best job fit result in happier, better adjusted employees that in turn leads to higher productivity rates.
  • Increased time to hire: In a competitive job market companies need tools to make quick decisions with minimal mistakes. Using a valid and reliable Job Fit testing tool mitigates the risk of making a bad decision under these circumstances.

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