Professional Services

Teamworks Training Institute offers a variety of professional services involved in evaluating existing employees, hiring new employees, and on-site computer training. Invest in finding and retaining the right employees, and utilizing their skills to the fullest.

Contact us to arrange for any of the following services

On-Site Computer Support

Need someone to come to your office one-on-one to show you Microsoft Office tips and tricks? Chose from individual sessions or pre-purchase a block of hours at a discounted rate.
Hourly rate:                       $   105.00  (minimum 2 hours)
Pre-purchase 25:              $2,375.00  ($95.00 per hour)
Pre-purchase 50:              $4,250.00  ($85.00 per hour)
Pre-purchase 100:            $7,500.00  ($75.00 per hour)

Contact us to set up your on-site support!

Salary Survey
Summary report - $99.00
Full report - $125.00
Custom report - contact us for a quote!

Prove It! Evaluations
$40.00 per evaluation
$100.00 for 3 evaluations

HR Consulting
$100.00 per hour

Reference Checks
$50.00 per check

Background Checks
Criminal Record - $45.00 per check
Credit Check - $45.00 per check
Criminal & Credit package - $80.00

Prevue Benchmark Assessment
$500.00 (based on benchmark creation and consulting time)
$150.00 (based on benchmark creation only)

Prevue Candidate Assessments
$150.00 each (access for all reports included)
$125.00 each (volume discount for 5 or more candidates)