Customized Training

Your organization is like no other and to match this, you need a training and development solution like no other. Teamworks Training Institute understands the need for practical, adaptable solutions and incorporates flexible delivery, content, and pricing to create the greatest impact on your organization. When we talk about customized training, this is what we mean:
  • A needs assessment which may include staff surveys, personal interviews and recommendations of training and development solutions that work on the root cause, not just the symptom.
  • Assistance with long-term training plans that link you to available solutions and content for training and development that suit your budget.
  • We recognize that training and development are a cost to your company not only for the service, but also for downtime and opportunity cost. Let us determine a location and delivery mechanism that minimizes disruption and maximizes value and return-on-investment.
  • Training and development is not a one-time occurrence, it is a process. Remember the 1-day course that went in one ear and out the other? Follow - up and creating a common internal language around training and development is critical for retention and practical implementation. Let us create a model for sustainability.
  • Have remote employees? Varying schedules? Ask us how we can integrate a blended model of delivery utilizing in-person training, online training and video conferencing to suit your needs.
  • Interested in bringing in a specific program, trainer or speaker? Chances are we have a relationship with them; let us know and we will work to create an affordable model in partnership with other organizations.
 Contact us to find out how our custom training can work for you!