EISA (Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment)

Human skill and ingenuity provide the essential building blocks of business success. People are an organization’s greatest assets. They’re also the most unpredictable. The EISA helps to manage and maximize the effectiveness of your most valuable resource. Independent academic research confirms that emotional intelligence is a powerful predictor of potential, performance, and professional success—providing a tool to unlock insights beyond those explained by education, personality, cognitive intelligence (IQ), or any other index designed for the purpose.
The one-day EISA workshop provides a strong, fundamental assessment of emotional intelligence (EI) along with five core factors that can be developed to maximize emotional and social functioning. The EISA is designed to provide the participant with feedback on self-described and observer-rated frequency of emotionally and socially intelligent behaviors across five dimensions. The report provides information on the emotional and social factors that affect success at work. These five factors are
  • Perceiving
  • Managing
  • Decision Making
  • Achieving
  • Influencing 

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