Disney's Approach To Quality Service

No matter where you dine, shop, or travel, there’s always one thing that you always expect to find: quality service. So, why should your customers expect anything less?
Through Disney’s Approach to Quality Service, one of the five core topics taught by Disney Institute, you’ll learn ways to instill your team with a sense of pride and passion that is certain to help exceed expectations. Quality service is an aspect of business integral to any corporation, and that’s because we all share a common trait: every one of us has needs, wants, and emotions. The ability of your employees to anticipate and react to these traits is a major step towards providing quality service.

Teamworks Training Institute and partners have sponsored this event to bring you a reduced price to attend, offering a local, full day course for $399, compared to 2-day courses for $897.50/day, plus travel to Toronto or Ottawa. The opportunity to attend this renowned program locally at less than a quarter of the cost of a 2-day workshop in Toronto or Ottawa should not be missed!
Sample Topics:
Increased understanding of the Disney definition of quality service, Ability to share the value of research Disney employs to gain understanding of Guests, Experience the processes Disney uses to design and implement quality standards, Discover three quality service delivery systems.

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