Effective Communication

Supervisors need to have GREAT communication skills! They need to understand corporate culture and the corporate mission and be able to pass those values onto their staff. They need to engage their staff and create strong trusting relationships. They need to provide feedback so that staff can learn and move up through company ranks. Supervisors also need to learn how to deal with conflict, create teams, communicate with colleagues in other parts of the corporation, participate in performance management reviews, make presentations, facilitate meetings, inspire, motivate, and many other things.


So  where do they learn all this stuff? Sadly, some never do. In this session, participants will be able to hone their communication skills while covering such topics as;

  • On TASK or on PURPOSE?
  • How do I talk to my co-worker buddy now that I’m a supervisor?
  • These people NEVER do what I want!
  • The Pyro Syndrome: How do I light a fire under these people?
  • My God...this staff person is nothing but a bully!
  • Like...do I really have to talk differently to younger staff?
  • So what if I’m much younger than them, I’m their BOSS now and they HAVE to listen to me!
  • Why God gave us two ears and only one mouth

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